Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Istanbul Salsa Festival 2013

Just got back from the Istanbul Salsa Festival 2013 (or more officially known as The Istanbul International Dance Festival) and what an amazing event it truly was. 

I have never been in a event with so many of the world's best salsa dancers. An what an honor it was to share the stage with so many dancers who truly are some of the best salsa dancers in the world like Marco Ferrigno, Natalia Lopez, Anya Katsevman, & Luis Aguilar,  Maykel Fonts, Juan Matos, Johnny Vazquez, Alien Ramirez, Franklin Diaz, Eddie Torres, David Zepeda, Shani Talmor, Rodrique Cortazar, Frankie Martinez, Oliver Pineda, Rafael Barros & Carine Morais, Eli Torres, Magna Gopal, Mouaze Konate, Jorjet Alcocer, Gilson & Natasha, and the list just goes on and on. 

And the highlight of the event was of course our opportunity to share our performance with the amazing audience at the Istanbul Festival. 



Thank you for all of the organizers! Really looking forward to the 2014 Istanbul International Dance Festival already!